20th February 2019

A trip to visit childhood home on display at st fagans sparks joy

FOR 92-YEAR-OLD Vera, a much longed for trip to see her childhood home, was a moment to cherish.

Kennixton Farmhouse has seen visitors young and old take in its history and charm over many years at St Fagans National Museum of History. For Vera, the chance to visit the farmhouse once more, was a dream come true.

Growing up in the farmhouse, which was originally on the Gower, Vera had a happy childhood. Having lived at the farmhouse until the age of 13, Vera has many memories of her life on the farm, including her walks to the well to fetch water and of doing her homework at the kitchen table.

Vera said:

“It’s exactly the same as when I lived there, I can’t say anything has changed. It was a good life.”

A photo of Vera’s childhood home sits proudly in her bedroom and it was this photo that sparked a conversation with Activities Coordinator Lynne, who learned how the farmhouse had been moved to St Fagans where it has stood since the 1950s.

Lynne Poyser, Activities Coordinator at Ty Coch, said:

“Vera told me how she wished she could visit St Fagans but knew it was not possible. I wanted to make her wish happen, so I arranged the trip for her and her friends. Vera had a great day and loved telling her story, and her friends at Ty Coch enjoyed sharing her day.”

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