19th December 2022

Community fund is here to help with cost-of-living crisis

The cost-of-living crisis continues to impact our communities, but local groups across South Wales are doing their bit to help out and make life a little easier

From food distribution and helping people stay warm to celebrating young volunteers, locals have stepped up to the challenge, bringing communities together. 

For groups doing incredible work, no matter how small it seems, housing and care provider Linc Cymru (Linc) has been providing some help through their community fund – and there’s more funding available for future projects. 

The fund launched in October 2022 with the aim of helping communities weather the cost-of-living crisis through poverty reduction initiatives. Linc’s fund has already given grants to nine community projects, helping them create spaces where people can support each other and thrive. 

Get funding for your community activity 

The fund is still open for applications. It’s there to empower you and your local community to flourish, despite the challenges we’re all facing. 

Do you have a project that could go further with financial support? Here are some of the community groups who’ve already benefitted from Linc’s community fund: 

Rhondda Sea Cadets 

Rhondda Sea Cadets have played a huge role in helping the community in recent years, including delivering food and prescriptions during the COVID-19 pandemic. The group applied for funding from Linc’s Community Fund to be able to recognise and celebrate the selfless work of its young people.  

"We have to thank Linc Cymru Community Fund for their donation towards our recent end of year celebration.  We know that if we had needed to pass on the cost of the evening to the young people, a significant number would not have been able to attend.  

“The funding allowed us to ensure that financial cost to parents was not a barrier to anybody wanting to join us and it allowed us to host 48 young people plus 2 guests chosen by the Cadets, and 10 Volunteers. 

“It was a fantastic night and really great to see so many young people being able to relax and just have fun in a social setting. It was also heart-warming to know that for some of them this was the first time they were out without their parents, and they were responsible for their own choices. We also know that for a few this was extra special, as their home financial situation would not normally allow for a meal out." 

HCT, Blackwood, Caerphilly  

HCT delivers food parcels to people in financial need who are unable to visit food banks in person. The organisation collects food donations from supermarkets and delivers to people who can’t get to the food bank due to mental health issues, disabilities, or lack of transport caused by financial hardship. The funding from Linc will contribute to the fuel costs of two vans, so the team can continue to support and nourish the people in the community who need it most. 

Get support for your community 

Do you have a local project that could deliver more if you had additional funding? 

The Linc Community Fund is still open to applications. If your local project is in line with the well-being goals set out by Welsh Government for a globally responsible, healthier, prosperous, resilient Wales with a vibrant culture, then you could be eligible for a grant. 

If you’d like to receive up to £500 in support of an initiative that will help your community group continue its great work for the people of Wales, apply now. 


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