12th September 2023

Inside Housing Communication Conference with Jayne Rotheroe

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The conference sees communications professionals from across the UK come together to discuss a variety of topics and challenges.

Our very own Linc colleague, Jayne Rotheroe, will be heading to London this week for the annual Inside Housing Communication Conference. The conference sees communications professionals from across the UK come together to discuss a variety of topics and challenges that communication departments may face with housing associations. It provides people with guidance, a chance to network with like-minded individuals, and also to share their challenges in a safe space where they can gain insight from others.

Jayne won’t just be attending the conference, she will also be speaking on a panel with other communications professionals on how housing associations can engage with customers, colleagues and stakeholders through affordable engagement tools. Jayne elaborates: “I’ll be talking about how we learned from the pandemic to create engagement in different ways. In particular, I’ll be focusing on our colleague conference; what was traditionally a one day, in person event has now become a month-long hybrid event. This is an opportunity for colleagues to connect and learn, which is so important. However, this has also now be done at 50% less cost, which is so valuable when we are in a cost of living crisis, and our priority in everything we do here at Linc needs to be value for money for our customers.”

Jayne has worked with Linc for six years in the marketing and communications team, and in that time, she has hosted five colleague conferences, both in person and hybrid. With last year’s event being the best to date in terms of capturing more engagement from colleagues and sharing vital information from across the business.

As we can see, Jayne is the perfect person to represent Linc at the conference; her years of experience and dedication to our customers shows every day through her work. This is also a fantastic opportunity for Linc; there is so much great work happening across the sector within communication departments that ourselves and Jayne are thrilled about having the opportunity to showcase our work to and speak with. Jayne continues: “I’m very passionate about housing. We all say it, but it’s true: we want to make a difference. If you work in the housing sector, you need to have a passion for people and a want to make a difference to their lives. Whatever team you work in, you all play a part. It also helps that there are some truly fantastic people working within this sector, which I am very lucky to work alongside.”

Here at Linc, we’re all about people, and hearing all the amazing things other organisations are doing will be very interesting. Jayne is particularly interested in how others are utilising AI in their communication strategy. Jayne explains: “We are hearing so much about the progression in this area, and I believe if embraced correctly, it could be a powerful tool for comms teams.” Events like this are so important for sharing best practices, coming up with new ideas and innovations and creating new and better output for our customers. Jayne continues: “We are all very busy with the day-to-day actions, so it’s important to take the time to assess how we can improve and look across the business at ways in which we can make a big and positive impact. If you’re looking to stay relevant in this sector, attending conferences, keeping up to date with trends and technology and talking to peers are some of the best ways to gain more insight, to find out what has and hasn’t worked for them. You always come away from these events with a renewed passion, which can only be a good thing for the business and our customers as we always strive to improve our communications and marketing.”

We look forward to seeing the new insight that Jayne comes back with from taking part and speaking at the Inside Housing Communication Conference. For more information on how Linc can support you, get in touch for a chat.

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