17th December 2021

Julie wins Care Home Worker Award at Ty Coch

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Congratulations to Julie Lanchester-Harding, Community Clerk at Ty Coch Nursing Home who has been awarded the Care Home Worker Award at the South Wales Argus Health & Care Awards.

Jacqueline Williams, Ty Coch Manager, said: "We are so proud of Julie, she is an outstanding member of our team, appreciated by residents, their relatives, and her colleagues. Julie loves her job and has even been known to turn up at Ty Coch on her day off just to see her beloved residents. She puts them first, and her greatest desire is that they are happy, willing to go above and beyond to make this happen."

Julie said: "Working in care is extremely rewarding, we all play a part, hopefully enriching the lives of others in some small way."

 Read Julie's full nomination below: 

Julie embodies compassion and kindness, has an infectious energy, and is truly driven by her desire to give our residents the very best standard of care. 

We recently lost a long-term resident, Avril. She didn’t have any family, but Julie made sure that she was never alone, never went without and gave her that extra bit of love.  Eventually Avril was taken into hospital and our kind Julie would visit her regularly, outside of her own working hours, taking her personal items and clothing to make her more comfortable. Recognising that Avril was seriously unwell, she passed the nurses her mobile number, making it clear that she did not want Avril to be on her own, telling them to call her whenever she was needed. 

 When her phone rang at 2am, Julie, true to her word, headed straight to the hospital to be with Avril. She stayed with her until she passed away, a few hours later. 

When we think of the phrase ‘above and beyond’, we can’t help but think of this moment. It reflects how so many of our colleagues treat our residents, like family.  

Julie went on to write Avril’s eulogy and supported the Priest with the choice of music for the funeral service, testament to how well she knew Avril, from her childhood memories to her favourite songs. 

 Delivering outstanding patient care sees Julie also focus on resident wellbeing. She is particularly passionate about reminiscence, whereby she encourages residents to talk about their younger years, from school years to family holidays. Julie contacts their families for photos and stories so that she can incorporate their memories into her everyday interactions, thus encouraging positive conversations and improving wellbeing.

 Julie’s approach to patient care is truly person centred. She really gets to know our residents and is in tune with their needs, from noticing that they require new winter clothing to recognising a change in mood, every little detail is important to her.  

For Julie, delivering outstanding patient care is simply a part of who she is. From physical to emotional care, nothing stops her from protecting and caring for our residents. It’s an honour to work alongside her and we are truly grateful for her.


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