31st January 2022

New to the team: Simon Lewis, Senior Development Manager

Corporate News
Passionate about good design and with a desire to create high quality homes that support people to live happy, healthy lives, Simon joins #TeamLinc as our Senior Development Manager.

Simon got his first taste of the social housing sector during his university days, while on placement at Rhondda Housing Association. He credits this experience with showing him the wide range of opportunities and rewarding careers on offer in the sector.  

You’ve worked in social housing since graduating uni, what’s kept you in sector?  

”To be honest, I fell into social housing. It wasn’t a sector I knew much about, but my placement year gave me a good insight into the work housing associations do and I knew it was the place for me. Taking that first job in the sector was the best decision I made.  

“I’ve worked my way up from a graduate role to this new position at Linc, a reflection of the opportunities available in the sector.  

“Throughout my career in development, working at a few housing associations, I have always been part of a supportive team. As someone who is passionate about design and construction, it’s great to work alongside like-minded people who want to create great homes that are built around the needs of our customers and communities.  

“Something I love about working in housing is the satisfaction that surrounds the work we do. Not only is the job enjoyable, but you know you’re doing it for a greater purpose, we’re not about making money, we’re here to make a real difference.” 

You’re clearly very passionate about what you do, but what convinced you to make the move to Linc?  

“Linc’s values, passionate, ambitious, and respectful, align with my own personal beliefs, and I am fully behind our purpose, ‘creating the right environment for people to flourish’ - I’m excited to play my part in fulfilling this.  

“I think that historically, innovative design has been seen as something reserved for private house builders or public spaces, but I, and Linc, don’t think this is right. We want to design and build homes that look great, that are pioneering and bold, while ensuring our customers live in homes that support healthy and happy lives.  

“At Linc, we take a holistic approach to ensure that we always do the right thing by our customers and local communities. We’re in a unique position to see the long-term impact of the homes we build, and this is a real privilege. Knowing that I’ve played my part in ensuring that high quality homes are available to everyone, no matter what their economic status or background, is a great feeling.” 

What are your ambitions for Linc over the next few years?  

“I hope to see us make our mark on the private sales market, by building great homes and reinvesting the profit into our affordable housing programmes and community initiatives.  

“As we move forward with a number of new developments, I am excited to see where our ambitious plans will take us.  

“I’m thrilled to have joined #TeamLinc!” 

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