25th May 2021

One year on from George Floyd's murder

Corporate News
It has been a year since George Floyd was murdered by former police officer Derek Chauvin, who in recent weeks has been convicted of murder.

The horrific killing sparked protests across the world and reignited calls for an end to racial inequality and injustice.

We recognised that we had a role to play in standing against systemic racism and we committed to educating ourselves and making meaningful changes.

Last year, in response to George Floyds murder and the light it shone on racial injustice, we made our position clear to our colleagues. 

We said that: 

Black Lives Matter

We stand against systematic racism

We see and hear those who are fighting against racial injustice

We commit to educating ourselves on this issue

Our work and education continue, and we know we still have lots to do to achieve an equitable future. To hold ourselves accountable, we felt it was important to share what we have been working on so far. Here are some of the steps we have taken.

Linc Race Equality Group

In January 2021, the Linc Race Equality Group was set up. The group was tasked with progressing the broader race equality agenda at Linc and have drafted an action plan, which is currently being finalised. They have three key priorities moving forward: 

  • Improving data and data reporting on ethnic minority groups held across the business. 
  • Up-skilling key staff groups on race equality, white privilege, and unconscious bias
  • Reviewing recruitment and selection processes to ensure Linc attract and promote inclusiveness and improve workforce diversity. 

The group has quickly become confident in its role, sharing not only each individual’s ambition but also insight from their lived experience.  This has been particularly pleasing, demonstrating the trust that we are building together.

Deeds Not Words

Tai Pawb is a Welsh charity set up to promote equality and social justice.  In July 2020, they launched the ‘Deeds Not Words’ pledge and urged housing organisations to sign up. The pledge is deemed as the necessary first step in addressing the concerns of communities experiencing racial inequality.  The pledge has four strategic themes for us to address, these are:  

  • Mitigate the impact of Covid-19 on Black, Asian and other minority ethnic staff and communities. 
  • Improve the ethnic diversity of the Board and staff at all levels.
  • Communicate and engage.
  • Develop an inclusive culture.

We are committed to every aspect of this pledge and the Linc Race Equality Group is currently working on a ‘Deeds Not Words’ action plan.  

Equality and Diversity

Addressing inequality and injustice has seen us take these discussions to our Board, our Executive Team and our Senior Leadership Team. We are fully committed to this agenda and are pleased that changes to improve equality and diversity at Linc are already taking place.

We have launched our revised ‘equality impact assessment’ toolkit to ensure that our services, policies, procedures, practices, or decisions do not have an unintended negative impact on anyone with protected characteristics. (NB: Protected characteristics are age, sex; religion or belief; age; disability; sexual orientation; marriage and civil partnership; pregnancy and maternity).  

We have reviewed and made changes to our online equality, diversity and inclusion learning modules, and are considering other methods of learning. In addition, we are now reviewing our equality, diversity, and inclusion policy to ensure it meets the standards required to promote equality throughout Linc, for both our colleagues and customers.

As we reflect on the past year, we know that our work must continue and that we have lots to do.  As we have thought more deeply and really considered how systemic racism and the racial injustices many face are so prevalent in our society, it has reinforced our strong conviction that we will eradicate these inequalities for an equitable future.


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