17th July 2019

OneLinc 2019-2021

Corporate News
OUR 2019-2021 Business Plan is here and we're excited to share it with you.

Who we are and the role we play is shaped by our colleagues, customers and business partners, and together we’re writing our new story. We call it OneLinc.


Our OneLinc Business Plan takes a fresh look at what our future holds.


We believe that our world is ever changing, and we want to be leaders in responding to those changes. So, our next chapter goes beyond providing excellent homes and services, and is captured in our unique purpose:


Creating the right environment for people to flourish.


Our OneLinc purpose will form the basis of everything we do over the coming

years. By putting togetherness and wellbeing at the heart of our way of working we will create a culture where we work together and are proud of the difference we make to peoples’ lives, every single day.


As OneLinc, we aim to contribute to a prosperous and healthier Wales, a great place to live and work, now and in the future.


To create the right environment for people to flourish, we will be:



We take pride in everything we do and are driven by a positive, infectious attitude. This fuels our desire to work together to create environments where people can flourish and a happier, healthier Wales.



Our Passion drives our sense of Ambition. It makes us curious, encourages us to find ways to challenge ‘the norm’ and embrace new ideas that will provide great experiences for our customers and colleagues.



But our Ambition is based on Respect and listening. We value our customers and staff and listen to and learn from them; we never create change for the sake of it but use insight to help us respond to their needs.


To read OneLinc in English or Welsh, visit linc-cymru.co.uk/onelinc

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