03rd August 2020

Share your lockdown achievements with us

You can now enter this year’s summer competition- Lockdown Achievements!

Lockdown came as a challenge for most of us from adapting to work at home to home schooling, it has been a tough couple of months. However, photos and stories shared with us from our tenants and residents in our extra care schemes and nursing homes have shared the positives and been uplifting as we found that many used the time in lockdown for certain achievements.  

Time has been spent to either learn a new skill or complete a task that you did not have the time to take on previously. Perhaps you learnt to bake your Gran’s favourite recipe or built your garden decking, whatever you managed to achieve, we want to hear about it! 

There are 4 categories to choose from and a winner will be chosen from each category: 

  • Personal achievement - Mastering a new skill 
  • Home achievement - Taking on a DIY project to transform an area in the home or garden 
  • Physical achievement – Completing regular home exercises or workouts that you did not take part in before 
  • Household achievement- As a family, what have you taught or learnt from your child, partner or sibling? 

Enter for your chance to win a £50 shopping voucher! 

To enter, you can: 

Upload a photo to our Facebook page (Linc Cymru Housing Association) letting us know which category you would like to enter OR email a photo of your entry along with your name and address to comms@linc-cymru.co.uk Remember to include the category you are entering. 

Entries close on 21 August. 


Terms and conditions  

  1.  There will be one winner per category 
  2.  All entrants must be Linc tenants and residents of Linc care schemes/ nursing homes 
  3.  By entering the competition, you are authorising use of photos submitted and publication of name in Linc’s publications and social media channels 
  4. The prize will be a £20 shopping voucher 
  5. You can only enter the competition once
  6. Entries will be judged through online public poll


  • Personal achievement - Mastering a new skill. You must not be qualified in this skill prior to lockdown  
  • Home achievement - Taking on a DIY project to transform an area in the home or garden. You must not be qualified in this trade prior to lockdown or have paid a professional for the works to be complete  
  • Physical achievement – Completing regular home exercises or workouts that you did not take part in before .This must be a new physical activity taken up during lockdown, there is no limit to the type of activity  
  • Household achievement- As a family, what have you taught or learnt from your child, partner or sibling? Whether it’s a make up tutorial, learning a new language or even TikTok video creations, this must be a completely new skill learnt by more than one member of the household 


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