23rd November 2021

Sian Diaz, our new Director of Development, on why she chose a role at Linc

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With an ambitious development programme that sees Linc move into the sales market for the first time, Sian Diaz, Linc’s new Director of Development has joined the company at a critical and exciting point.

Sian joins Linc from Lovell, bringing significant experience of the sales market. Having worked in the industry for 22 years, she offers a new perspective and a passion for great design.  

Sian, you’re new to the social housing sector, what convinced you to make the move?  

“I’m passionate about building homes and I’m driven by my values. A career in the development industry has always been where I belong, but this isn’t just because I like buildings, it’s because I’m passionate about people.  

"Having started my career as a Graduate Land Buyer, I eventually found my way into a Senior Management position in Business Development, with experience in sales and planning along the way.  

"When I had my children I took a step back from senior management, which  was right for me at that time. But as they grew older, I found myself once again wanting to be part of the decision-making process and I was ready to move back into a senior management position.   

"I saw the Linc role advertised on LinkedIn. I had always known that if I was ever to leave Lovell, it was going to be for a housing association.  

"The Director of Development role was my first interview in years, and I thoroughly enjoyed it! To enjoy a job interview tells you a lot about the company. The process revealed Linc’s values and how these play out in their relationships with colleagues and customers, and it was a joy to see. 

"I knew that I wanted to be part of this. Louise, Executive Director of Property, spoke passionately about Linc’s role as a socially responsible business, one where financial surplus is reinvested for good, ‘profit for purpose’, and this really stood out to me.” 


You’ve been at the forefront of Linc’s approach to placemaking in recent months, why is this such an important focus for a social landlord?  

“Placemaking is about people, it’s about creating communities that are connected and vibrant, where developments establish high quality places for the benefit of society.   

"When you approach new developments by putting placemaking at the heart, you can see beyond the dotted red line of a site map. It becomes a process of asking ourselves how this ‘place’ will function for society, how will it benefit people, how will it provide a sense of belonging?  

"What I love about working for Linc, is that placemaking is a Linc commitment, it’s not just a development project. Linc’s purpose is ‘creating the right environment for people to flourish’ and I am seeing this unfold daily in our placemaking work. From considering the natural environment and our approach to sustainability, to working alongside our customers to ensure that the ‘places’ we develop are fit for purpose now and into the future, with wellbeing at their heart.” 


So Sian, you’ve been part of team Linc for a couple of months now, what are your thoughts so far…  

“It’s a great place to work! I’ve joined a passionate and committed team and I’ve loved getting to know my colleagues.  

"Since joining Linc I’ve been blown away by the wide range of work carried out by a social landlord. It’s a joy to be part of a business striving to do more for its customers and local communities and ‘profit for purpose’ really does this sum this up.  

"Since being in the role I have seen how homes improve people’s lives. At Linc we’re working to reduce fuel poverty, build communities and give people a safe place to live and flourish.  

"As we move into the sales market for the first time, we are reminded of our role in providing high quality, sustainable homes, and will continue to be ambitious for the benefit of our customers and local communities.”  

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