12th June 2020

Update: Visiting at our Nursing Homes

Linc Care
WHEN LOCKDOWN restrictions changed at the beginning of this month, allowing two households to meet outdoors, we started thinking about how this would impact residents at our nursing homes.

We recognise that visits from you, their family and friends, are extremely beneficial to our residents’ wellbeing. It has been some time since you were able to visit us and we understand that you must be missing your loved ones as much as they are missing you.

We have been exploring various ways to be able to re-introduce visits at our nursing homes. Of course, safety remains our top priority, so while we are eager to see you and your loved ones reunited, we must also ensure that strict risk management protocols are in place to protect you, our residents and our staff.

This week we received guidance from Welsh Government which outlines the areas we need to focus on when considering outdoor visits. This guidance emphasises how important it is that these visits are carried out safely, taking all reasonable measures to maintain social distancing and follow sanitizing guidance to protect us all from infection.

While we are working through the details and risk assessing outdoor visits, we are looking at some interim measures to facilitate visits as soon as possible.

One option is for you to visit via a ‘drive in’. This is where you will drive to our nursing homes and see your loved one from a safe distance. You would remain in your car, and your relative will be brought out to see you. If you are interested in a ‘drive in’ visit, please phone the nursing home for more details.

Since the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic began our staff have continued to provide the highest standard of care possible, while also consistently adhering to guidance around PPE usage and infection control. We are extremely grateful to all our staff for their commitment and high standards in this area.

They, like you, are really looking forward to you visiting once more and the thought of our residents seeing your faces again in person, fills us with joy.

We will stay in contact with you as we continue to work on these plans and will update you as soon as we are able to arrange outdoor visits. In the meantime, please do get in touch if you would like more details about arranging a ‘drive in’ visit.

Thank you for your ongoing support, the kindness, patience, and gratitude you have shown our staff, really does make a difference.


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